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Welcome to the Centre for Nonlinear Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University!


Latest Activities :

[WORKSHOP, 4/4/2014] RIDE - a new Method for the Decomposition of ERPsbased on Latency Variability: Principles and Applications, Beijing, Coordinators: Prof. SHU Hua (BNU) and Dr. ZHOU Changsong (HKBU)

[WORKSHOP, 1-3/4/2014] Focused workshop on "Biological underpinnings of cognitive abilities in health and diseases",Beijing, Coordinators: Dr. Changsong Zhou (HKBU) and Prof. Werner Sommer (Humboldt University)

[WORKSHOP, 2-5/10/2012] Biological basis of individual differences in human social communicative abilities --- quantitative experiments, computational methods and modeling, held by Centre for Nonlinear Studies, Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies, Hong Kong Bapsist University

The Centre for Nonlinear Studies was established to further research in nonlinear science and complex systems. Since its inauguration in 1996, the Centre has been a meeting place of ideas for scientists from interdisciplinary research areas and has contributed to fostering research and education in nonlinear science in the region.

The Centre for Nonlinear Studies is also the HKBU branch of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Singapore Joint Centre for Nonlinear and Complex Systems (BHS), which was founded in 2004, jointly by Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and the National University of Singapore. This strategic research alliance was forged to strengthen their collaboration so that they will become even more competitive on the world scene.

Currently, the Centre for Nonlinear Studies emphasizes on combining the approaches of mathematical modeling, computer simulations and analysis of experimental or empirical data to achieve a more quantitative and global understanding of various complex systems, such as collective human activity and neural dynamics.