Hong Kong Baptist University



Academic Members



Prof. TANG, Leihan



Prof. TANG, Tao



Prof. ZHOU, Changsong (Director)






Associate Members



Prof. ARENAS, Alex  (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)



Prof. HILGETAG, Claus C.  (Hamburg University, Germany)



Prof. KURTHS, Jürgen  (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany)



Prof. SOMMER, Werner  (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)






Postgraduate Students (previous and ongoing)



Dr. Wujie Yuan (PhD, graduated 2012)



Dr. Yuhan Chen (PhD, graduated 2013)



Dr. Guang Ouyang (PhD, graduated 2013)



Dr. Zhen Wang (PhD, graduated 2014)



Dr. Kashyap Rajan (PhD, graduated 2015)



Mr. Ho Ka Chan (Mphil, graduated 2015)



Dr. Hadiseh Nowparast Rostamia (HKBU-Humboldt Uni joint PhD, graduated 2017)



Miss. Yuqi Liang (PhD, admitted 2015)



Mr. Mianxin Liu (PhD, admitted 2016)



Miss. Xiaojing Li (HKBU-Humboldt Uni joint PhD, admitted 2016)






Former Directors



Prof. HU, Bambi was the founder of the Centre for Nonlinear Studies and the first Director (1996-2010.8) of the Centre. After his retirement, Prof. CHEAH, Kok-Wai was appointed as the interim Director for the period (2010.9-2011.6).